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Drama Free..

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Talk about a huge wake-up call!

I have had some crazy things happen in my life. Things that I would have never consciously chosen to happen. Things, people, situations that caused a lot of pain and hurt, and that I resented for a long time.

Truth of the matter is, I unconsciously did choose those things. Mostly out of fear. Fear of judgement, fear of loneliness, fear of rejection, fear of failure, and even fear of showing my true self, to name a few. I have come to realize that fear is a very powerful, and often times destructive, emotion that every single person struggles with constantly. Sad part is, that fear is mostly in our own heads. It is worry about something that may or may not happen, with usually a slight chance of it actually happening the way we are fearing. Unfortunately, while we are spending so much time fearing something, we are putting that out into the universe, and the universe delivers…. every time!

A few years ago, my husband came to me and said he wanted a divorce. I was devastated, but also in the back of my mind was a voice saying “Figures! This always happens.” Looking back, I began to realize where it was my fear (this always happens) that was the catalyst for the whole situation. I had never had good luck in relationships, and I held on to that fear when it came to my husband. No matter how good he was too me, I always had that thought that he would leave. My fear created my drama. Lucky for me, he is a really good man and has helped me work through my crazy.

I have been taking a good long look at my past, and all of the craziness that has happened, and I am finding the fear that caused it. I am looking at that drama, and realizing where it was that I created, invited, or associated with it, and learning to change my thinking for the better in the future. It’s not an easy process, but it is a peaceful path as you go along it, because you start to release the fear and allow the good things to manifest instead.

May the light within you light your path,

Momma Mona


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Let me make this clear…

I am not looking for you to validate me or approve of me, and I promise I will not do the same for you.

The things I will be saying on this page are my thoughts, my views, my experiences, and my lessons learned and being learned. The words that I speak (or type as the case may be) are done so from my unique vantage point on my journey. They are created and strung together by each and every achievement, mistake, adventure and heartbreak that I have experienced. No other person in the world has had the same exact life that I have had, and therefore no other person will have the same exact view on life either. So, it is therefore impossible for another being to validate or approve without coming from a place of judgement.

What I can offer you, and would receive in kind, is acceptance of you who are at this exact time, no matter where or who you have been, where or who you are now, or where or who you will become.  Acceptance is something that comes from a place of compassion and understanding. It allows an individual to be able to validate and accept oneself without feeling as if they have to justify themselves. Funny thing is, once we start showing acceptance to others, we learn that we are not as alone as we once thought, and can start to learn to validate and approve of ourselves as well.

Understand though, acceptance does not mean you have to allow another person into your life. It simply changes the pronoun on which you make your decision. Instead of “I do not approve of you and therefore you are not allowed in my life.”, it becomes “I accept you for who you are, but I can not allow you into my life because it is bad for me.”

One thought

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New Earth Spiritual Healing Center
Published by Mona Hilde2 mins

It only takes a thought to change the direction of your life.

Think about that for a minute! One simple thought has the power to completely change the path we will walk for years to come, either positively or negatively. It is true, that we have been conditioned by our families, our teachers, our peers, and our society to think certain ways, but we also have the inner power to completely retrain ourselves into a new life!
We’ve all heard about the study where a class of below average students were told they were exceptional and their grades improved. The problem with that is the thought was planted by someone else. It has worked that way for years, we get told something by someone, and it becomes our inner voice, our thoughts. Unfortunately, these thoughts aren’t always beneficial ones as with the class. More often than not, these thoughts are negative. So how do we begin the process of retraining our thoughts?
We begin with the self-talk. Those thoughts that we think about ourselves all day, every day. When we look in the mirror, we teach ourselves to see the beauty in our self, instead of everything we wished we could change. When we make a mistake, instead of berating ourselves, we talk kindly and look for the positives in the situation. We tell ourselves we can do this or we do deserve that instead of that dialect of fear that says we can’t or don’t. We always use the kind and gentle words with ourselves instead of the harsh ones. We talk to ourselves they way we wished others would talk to us. We become our own best friend. Pretty soon, this new way of thinking expands and spills out into the world, in to the lives of those around us, and flows like a river for everyone to think from.
Tomorrow when you wake up, go to the mirror and begin your New Year with 5 kind thoughts about yourself. Each time you look in the mirror after that, have 3 kind thoughts about yourself. Before you go to bed, have 5 more kind thoughts about yourself. Repeat this every day after that until you retrain the inner voice to be as kind and compassionate to yourself, as you are to others.

It only takes a thought to change the direction of your life.

No Fear…

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This seems to be a theme that keeps coming up for me; the universe’s not-so-subtle way of telling me that I need to learn the lesson!
We have had a wild two years, jammed full or high ups and very low downs. As I look back on now, after everything I have learned from the people who have entered and left my life, I have come to realize, I created all of it. I was the on who orchestrated the entire journey, both good and bad.
So I have to ask myself… If I created it, why did I add in the bad parts, why suffer through the hurt, pain, and sadness? Simple answer, fear!
I had fears that I was unable to conquer or refused to face at those times. I feared I was not good enough, that I could not make it by myself, that I would fail, that I was not strong enough. I also feared what others would think of me, how they would respond to me, or how they would treat me. The truth of the matter is, I allowed the fear of what could be to change my choices and thereby change the future in which I created.
A young lady I know posted a meme today that said, “Pain changes a person”. Pain is just an emotion, it nor any other emotion can not change anything. What happens is we allow the fear of pain to motivate us to change who we are in the hopes that we will not be hurt again. Problem is, there will always be pain,
There will always be some sort of emotion that we do not want to feel in our life, be it hurt, pain, sadness, loneliness, even failure. They will always be right around the corner; it’s the human experience. However, we have a choice in how we approach them. We can either choose to fear them, allow ourselves to be motivated to change who we are and how we react to the situation and our world; Or we can face those emotions and the fear head on, allow ourselves to live through the situation, embrace and feel the emotions, take lessons from them that will make us stronger, and then choose to release the effects of them that are not beneficial to us.
Looking back on the last two years, and even the rest of my life, I can point out so many times that I allowed fear to motivate me into changing how I reacted to situations and to people. It could have changed my life in so many ways had I faced fear at those times, but that in itself is fear or what-could-have-been, and I am more than satisfied and overjoyed with my life and the people who are in it.
It is regrettable that it has taken me so long to learn the lesson, but one thing is for certain… I will no longer allow fear to motivate me to change my actions or reactions any longer!


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I hear that my presence puts people ill-at-ease. I certainly do not try to do this, in fact in most social settings I am uncomfortable myself. I have never been one who “shines” in public settings, nor have I made friends easily. I am shy and awkward around new people (and people I have known awhile). So what is it about me that puts people off?

I have always believed that the reason was because I was plain, clumsy, loud, and fat; All the things my mother tried to correct in me growing up. When I was older and made real friends who saw past all of that, they could only tell me that it was because I scare people, although they couldn’t really explain how because they usually had the same effect on others (probably why we became friends). It wasn’t until I started really focusing on and working on my spirituality that some understanding started to show itself.

Since opening the store, and dealing with the public on a daily basis in the spiritual realm, I have discovered more about myself and my abilities. I am an “opener” or “Gatekeeper”. I open up people’s minds and hearts to the possibility of more in life. People do not wonder into my store unless they are curious enough to want to know, or ready to move forward and grow in their own path. I let them know that the thoughts, wants, and hopes that they have experienced all of their lives are real and possible. They are drawn to my store, and to me, although they may not understand why at first. But what about the ones who are ill-at-ease?

I, my store, my mission, and all those who are part of the community we have here scare those who are not ready for spiritual growth. They are either too comfortable with what is, or too scared of what others will think to move forward to a life of harmony and balance. We represent embracing being different, or going against the grain and happiness in that. We represent standing for what you believe, and fighting for what is right and still finding strength to do it over and over again even when I get knocked down. We represent free-thinking and mind-boggling concepts which threatening to disrupt and disturb and re-teach their lessons of yesterday. They are not scared of me personally, but rather they fear what I (we) represent.

I, however, refuse to change who I am and what I believe to make them feel more comfortable!

Rose-Colored Glasses

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I got told one time that I view the world through rose-colored glasses. I didn’t take offense to it, because it is true. I do try to have a positive outlook on the world around me. I was, however, hurt by the way they said it. The words spoken to me as if I was just naive and “unworldly”, or that I was living in some delusional fairy tale world full of rainbows and unicorns. I am far from delusional and have been around the block a time or two.

I know how the world operates, and how people treat other beings badly. I have cried my fair share of tears in this lifetime, so I am familiar with the negativity and ugliness that exist in the world. I just choose to look for the positive in situations, I choose to believe in the goodness of others, I choose to imagine a world that people look after each other and attempt to wish it into being.

I love too much. I trust too blindly. I help too often. These things often backfire on me, and I get hurt in the process, but I refuse to give them up. What if me loving deeply allows someone to learn to love themselves? What if me trusting someone allows them to believe in a better version of themselves? What if my helping someone with a little thing allows someone to receive help they desperately need in a life or death situation? I refuse to give these things up, because even though I may not see the change, or benefit from the change, I could be the change. This world needs change.

And I feel good in rose-colored glasses!