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Let me make this clear…

I am not looking for you to validate me or approve of me, and I promise I will not do the same for you.

The things I will be saying on this page are my thoughts, my views, my experiences, and my lessons learned and being learned. The words that I speak (or type as the case may be) are done so from my unique vantage point on my journey. They are created and strung together by each and every achievement, mistake, adventure and heartbreak that I have experienced. No other person in the world has had the same exact life that I have had, and therefore no other person will have the same exact view on life either. So, it is therefore impossible for another being to validate or approve without coming from a place of judgement.

What I can offer you, and would receive in kind, is acceptance of you who are at this exact time, no matter where or who you have been, where or who you are now, or where or who you will become.  Acceptance is something that comes from a place of compassion and understanding. It allows an individual to be able to validate and accept oneself without feeling as if they have to justify themselves. Funny thing is, once we start showing acceptance to others, we learn that we are not as alone as we once thought, and can start to learn to validate and approve of ourselves as well.

Understand though, acceptance does not mean you have to allow another person into your life. It simply changes the pronoun on which you make your decision. Instead of “I do not approve of you and therefore you are not allowed in my life.”, it becomes “I accept you for who you are, but I can not allow you into my life because it is bad for me.”

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