Magical Animals

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We were picking up one of my daughters. It was very late, but the excitement of the night
had me wide awake. My oldest daughter was driving while the younger one was asleep
between us. All was quite, so I stared out the window, mulling over my own thoughts.

As we approached an overpass, I saw a shadow come from beneath it, and float along the
ground out to the field and into darkness. There was no roadside signs, and the shadow
never changed shape, or distorted as it moved. At no other time did this shadow recreate
itself that night, so it wasn’t something on the headlights. As I watched it, it gave the feeling
of gliding or floating. Yes, that’s right, the shadow actually gave off ┬áthe feeling of movement.

I could distinctly see a long body with most of the bulk in the middle and the back trailing
off into a tail. It’s head was elongated, and out of it’s back shot up what could only be
described as wings. Did I really just see that? I do believe I did. A dragon. I really couldn’t

Why not? Why couldn’t these mythical, magical animals exist? I see spirits, I hear spirits, I talk
to spirits. Why not them? If we believe that there is at least two worlds existing in the same
space and time, and these two worlds can interact and cross over at times, then why
couldn’t there be another world within those?

We know these animals had to have existed at some point and time. Even the bible
mentions unicorns. So why is it so hard to believe that they still exist in our world. I know
several people who have seen fairies, experienced brownies being mischievous, they have
scientific evidence that mermaids do exist, so why not? Just as spirits used to be people in
our world, but now reside in another, then why could we not explain the same for those
beautiful, wonderful, magical creatures of yesteryear?

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