Fate vs. Destiny

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Choices, choices, choices!

The choices we make every day, ultimately lead us to our fates. No one or nothing will affect our outcome as much as we will. We have it within ourselves to make our fate be what we want it to be, or pretty close to it. It’s our everyday actions, words, and choices, that propel us on the journey to our fate. It is not predetermined for us in some magical, powerful, foretelling of the world. Fate is ours to change and manipulate.

Destiny, however, is a different matter. Destiny will happen regardless of our choices, decisions, or our outcome. If something is destine to happen to us, or to cross our path, it will find a way to do just that no matter what path we are on.

Let’s say, for example, that you are currently trying to get from point A to point B. You have five possible paths before you to accomplish that. Of these five paths, one is full of stones and rocks, one is narrow, one is straight and clear, one is covered with bramble, and one is full of puddles. At the start of your journey however, you do not know this information. You can only see that there are several paths for you to choose. So you choose and you walk and take what fate comes your way. Your choice has created your fate, be it wet shoes from puddles, aching feet from rocks, scratches from bramble, etc.
Now, let’s say in this example, that regardless of which path you choose, you will have to cross a river. There is no getting around this river, and you have to get to the other side. This is your destiny. No matter what path/fate you chose, your destiny will always be there.

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