Dolomite has been used to aid PMS, oxygenation of the lungs and cell structure, also to
strengthen the bones, teeth and muscles. It aids with problems of the reproductive system, This
stone helps the physical body metabolize calcium thereby easing osteoporosis, broken bones,
tooth and jaw diseases.
Dolomite helps insomnia, nightmares, irregular sleep patterns and night terrors.
It will ease the symptoms of osteoporosis and help to heal broken bones. This stone increases
your endurance and stamina and helps to realign your energy centers to return the bodies
systems to homeostasis.
Dolomite strengthens and thickens your hair and improves blood circulation. It will realign your
spine and skeletal structure.
Dolomite is a very loving energizing healing crystal. You would give this crystal to someone who
lives alone or is a solitary sort of person.
It is also good for those who lack resourcefulness and have a fear of failure.
Dolomite's healing properties assist you with generosity, to think in original terms, spontaneity
and creativity. It brings you inner tranquility and also increases your stamina. Dolomite crystals
also help with energy alignment and the removal of blockages. It also enhances your charitable
aspects and is a very uplifting crystal.
This stone heals fear, promotes courage and stability. Dolomite will help you face your fears
and phobias and overcome them. It heals the trauma that originates from phobias and fears.
With its gentle vibrations, dolomite is a stone of comfort and eases. It will balance your
emotions through self nurturing. This stone activates the ability to receive love, nurturing and
comfort in your life from yourself and others.
Dolomite is an excellent stone if you suffer from heartbreak or depression. as it mutes
loneliness and dulls anxiety. It encourages you to be open to giving and receiving love and
affection. It will boost your energy levels and creative juices. This stone encourages charitable
Dumortierite is a stone of support, as it helps with those who may feel less than confident in
thought and idea.  It also assists in staying true and in standing up for one's self.  It is a perfect
stone for families.  For children, Dumortierite helps to reduce excitability and stubbornness.  
For parents, it is an excellent stone for calm and patience.

Dumortierite is a wonderful Throat Chakra stone.  It is a stone of communication and can
stimulate the verbalization of ideas.  Dumortierite is also a wonderful stone to use when feeling
scattered, unfocused and disorganized.  It will help to enhance the energies of orderliness,
self-discipline and organizational abilities.

Dumortierite brings a feeling of relaxation, calm, and harmony, and can be used to reduce
stress-related conditions like headaches and tension.  Stamina is increased by Dumortierite,
and the stone can help make unpleasant, monotonous tasks easier to bear.  Dumortierite also
provides strength and support when dealing with conditions of dis-ease.

Dumortierite offers soothing vibrations that encourage patience with the natural order of the
Universe.  This action can help one to remain in a state of allowing, accepting that the process
of manifestation may work more slowly at times.  Dumortierite also promotes an understanding
of karma and forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness.
Credit for information goes to Healing Crystals
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