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Bismuth is a crystalline, brittle metal that is silvery-white with an iridescent hue. As an elemental
metal, its number is 83 on the Periodic Table. Bismuth is often lab-created.
Rainbow colored Bismuth can be a wonderful stone to use for focus, visualization and shamanic
journeying. It can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities while at
the same time increasing your energy levels to deal with them.

Bismuth relieves feelings of loneliness or isolation. It is a stone of transformation and change,
helping to adapt to change with calm assurance. Bismuth encourages cohesiveness, so would be
very helpful in group and/or relationship dynamics.
Physically, use Bismuth to reduce fevers; find new treatments to deal with chronic illnesses; ease
the effects of degenerative muscle conditions, and get you back on your feet after major surgeries.
Bloodstone is composed of deep Green Chalcedony and small dots of Red Jasper. It is also known
as Heliotrope. Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone used for thousands of years for its healing
properties.  It is often used to purify and detoxify the body.  Great at grounding negative energy
and cleansing the body, Bloodstone brings love into any situation and helps ground the negative
energies surrounding that issue.  Bloodstone assists in enhancing the functions of the mind,
bringing clarity and understanding to subjects that were unfamiliar.

Bloodstone has been used to increase energy and strength.  It removes energy blockages, which
in turn, creates a smooth and constant energy flow throughout the body.  Bloodstone can help to
enhance intuition and creativity, and can be used to combat fatigue, irritability and confusion.  It is
good to keep a Bloodstone in any place that needs its energy cleansed.

Physically, Bloodstone is an energy cleanser, purifying the blood and detoxifying the liver, kidneys
and spleen.  It benefits all blood rich organs and regulates blood flow.  Bloodstone cleanses lower
chakras, realigning the energies.
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