Seven Basic Stones
Clear Quartz
The Master Healer
Can be used for anything and everything
Can heal issues at the physical, mental, emotional or soul level
Resonates with the higher chakras, bringing in divine white light and connection to higher-self,
higher consciousness, higher wisdom and unconditional pure love.
The All-Purpose stone, The Traveler's Stone, and The Sobriety Stone
Provides clarity when there's confusion in the mind, and helps to relieve stress and anxiety.
Help with cell regeneration, insomnia, mood swings, and immunity
Providing extra protection while you're out on the road, exploring new places.
Help with addition to alcohol
Rose Quartz
Heart Stone
Open your heart to give and receive love
Encourages you to forgive others and especially yourself, helping you to move on
Best stones to use for relationship troubles, emotional traumas, healing inner child karma or other
emotional issues
Merchant Stone
Invite more prosperity and abundance into their lives
Help you manifest more money by removing financial blockages, as well attract new opportunities
Considered one of the best stone for protection and weight loss
Black Tourmaline
Top protective stones
Help you with grounding and create shield against harmful electro-magnetic fields
Absorb negativity and transmute it to positivity energy
Harness your sensuality and creativity
Help alleviate addiction
Keeps you motivated, inspired and confident
Give you the perseverance you need to not give up on any tough situation
Provides an energy booster that spreads joy by burning away stuck and impure energies
Green Aventurine
Luck Stone
Attracts true love, true friendship and lasting relationships
Bringing forth good fortune and new opportunities
Increases your confidence and self-esteem, optimizing your personal growth.
Used for heart-related ailments and emotional issues
Help with your allergies, sleep disorders, immunity and to regulate your blood pressure
Stones and Uses
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