Since beginning her path, Mona has been working on strengthening her
psychic connections, and developing her healing technique. In the last few
months. Spirit has revealed to her a unique way to help individuals with
healing. At the urging of her peers, friends, and store patrons, she is now
offering her services at introductory rates.

Guided Meditation Energy Work (15 minutes) $10
While cleansing and balancing your chakras, Mona will walk you through an
energy meditation and connect you with your Higher-Self.

Intuitive Guidance - Freewill Donation
As each person's spiritual journey is a unique and personal one, this is not
guidance down a specific spiritual path. Mona will use her own intuition as
a tool to help give insight into your current situation and guide you along
your own spiritual journey.

Home or Office Smudging  (Time Varies) Starting at $20
Even the happiest of homes can build up negativity and be in need of a
cleansing. Smudging releases negative energy, stress, and uncomfortable
feelings associated with lingering negativity. Call for an appointment.

Officiant for Weddings (Time Varies) Starting at $75
Reverend Mona Hilde is available for evening and weekend weddings in the
Thief River Falls area. Outside of Thief River Falls, a mileage fee will apply.
Call for availability.

To find out more, call
Or visit at the store,  
105 East 3rd Street, Thief River Falls, MN 56701
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